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Video, in many, even most ways, is directly analagous to music and its approaches - thus I am "composing with video" and look forward to exploring it much more in the future, especially integrating music and video seamlessly in reificaiton objects and autobiographical pieces. Other features I am working on include tutorials - in composition, audio interfaces, graphic design and perhaps even writing and conceptualization - and music videos, directing, filming and editing (I have already worked on several).
My autobiographical pieces may be supplemented with visuals to calibrate the audience to a specific sense of place and time. This is important, because unlike many narrative works where the author leaves it to the reader to imagine the scene, many of these events are located in a specific place, and scenes rely heavily on their visual atmosphere. It began as a novel but I gradually realized, especially as I gained resources as a videographer, that it would be much more effective as a film - less literal and prosaic, more emotionally powerful and sensual. These last 3 years, I have taken hours of footage of these specific places, which have already produced wonderful results in numerous mockups (esp. when combined with extensive FX in post), as the screenshots show above.
Music videos and video collages - "Glorious Days" is a mockup video for exhibiting editing, layering and film vs. still image - and possibly will be incorporated into Opus 1. It uses a palette of gold, warm browns and black, and includes visual allusions to Book of Kells, the Crucifixion (in representing immortality) against a background of diamonds and gold. The other 2 videos shown here are from Four-In - "My Ambition" (left) and "War" (right) - both feature my music production - I look forward to working even more intensely on conceptualizing and editing their videos in the future.